5 Fun Facts About Toothbrushes ‐ Spoiler Alert: #4 Will Shock You!

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You’ve heard from Dr. Bingham and Dr. Howarth about the importance of brushing your teeth every day using a soft‐bristled toothbrush (manual or electric). But…do you really know EVERYTHING about your toothbrush?

Since November 1 is National Brush Day, we’re going to drop some knowledge in your noggin by sharing these five fun facts about toothbrushes (#4 will shock you!).

Dentist in Tulsa1. The average American spends 38 days brushing teeth over his or her lifetime.

Dentist in Tulsa2. Toothbrush bristles were originally made from cow hairs. There’s no need to worry ‐ modern toothbrushes use nylon bristles.

Dentist in Tulsa3. The most popular toothbrush color is blue ‐ hopefully it’s not because of the brusher’s mood.

Dentist in Tulsa4. Roughly 4 billion people use a mobile device. BUT only 3.5 billion people actually use a toothbrush. We hope there’s a brushing app for that!

Dentist in Tulsa5. In 2003, the toothbrush was chosen as the #1 invention people can’t live without, beating out cell phones and cars.

Now that you are a toothbrush guru, share these fun facts with your friends and family ‐ it is National Brush Day, after all! Don’t forget to schedule a checkup and cleaning with your dentist in Tulsa ‐ and of course, don’t forget to brush!

Make our jaws drop: Share some of your toothbrush facts by commenting below!

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