Your Tulsa Dentist’s Local Guide To Good Eats

Recommendations for Restaurants in Tulsa

The upcoming families of our community are to be commended. They tirelessly build their career, family, and personal growth while sacrificing many things to keep their spouses, children, and industry happy. We know it takes a lot of work, so our dentists in Tulsa are here to help lighten the load. On our community page, we share some great activities to try in Tulsa. Read on to find out more about our top 3 local family friendly restuarants and food-stops in Tulsa, OK where you can go to reboot.

Restaurants, Cafes, and Markets In Tulsa

Recommendations for Restaurants in Tulsa

Your Dentists Recommendations for Restaurants in Tulsa

CommunityPageicons-01.pngPalace Café

This boutique café is the definition of stylish. They feature an inventive Creole-inspired seafood menu with locally sourced ingredients. We love how the options on the dinner menu make us feel like you can never go wrong!



CommunityPageicons-02.pngThe Stonehorse Café

Located in beautiful Utica Square, these food-enthusiasts combine a variety of French and American dishes, making the flavors of both mix perfectly in the mouth. The eclectic cuisine, from French fare to pizza, all wrapped in a cozy setting that includes a gourmet market.



CommunityPageicons-03.pngTulsa Farmer’s Market

Tulsa’s two markets run from April – October on every Saturday from 7 – 11 am. 75 certified vendors offer top-level products featuring local crafters and fresh, 100% Oklahoma-grown produce. The next SEASONAL PICKS will be at the upcoming Cherry Street Farmers’ Market on April 16th from 7-11am at 15th and Peoria.


Good Food = Good Times


See, Tulsa dentists know how to have a good time too! But before you go running out the door to try these 3 great places, visit our community page for more tips and recommendations.

Now over to you: what are your favorite places to eat in Tulsa?


Bon appétit,

Drs. Bingham & Howarth, Tulsa dentists and food enthusiasts.


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