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Dental Hygiene

Healthy smiles for a lifetime.

You can expect a complete oral exam including x-rays, radiographic images to check for abnormalities, gum assessment, oral cancer screening, and a full cleaning when you visit Bingham & Howarth Family Dentistry in Tulsa.

Your first cleaning appointment will last about 1.5 hours. We recommend a routine hygiene cleaning every six months to ensure your smile and hygiene habits are spot-on and thus avoid significant dental expenses in the future.

Bingham and Howarth - Dental Hygiene
Bingham and Howarth - Children's Dentistry

Children’s Dentistry

We make dental visits fun!

Being parents ourselves, your children will feel safe and secure while getting the highest quality dental care appropriate for their age at our dental office in Tulsa.

Our pediatric dentistry specialists are pros at alleviating your child’s fears and reducing their anxiety. Our goal is to help your children see the importance of dental health and create oral hygiene habits (including teeth brushing and regular exams) that will last for their whole lives!


Teeth Whitening

Better and faster smile enhancements done in our Tulsa dental office.

Stains from coffee, tea, soda, tobacco, and even some foods may begin to discolor the surfaces of your teeth.

Prescription-strength Zoom!® teeth whitening systems are only available through your dentist and we can get you in and out with a stunning smile in as little as an hour.

Why choose our whitening methods over store-bought products? Download our infographic to see the pros and cons.


Metal-Free Fillings

Smile proudly without the metal!

When your tooth faces tooth decay, a filling is needed to contain the culprit. We ONLY use metal-free fillings at our family dentistry practice in Tulsa. Unlike amalgam (metal) fillings, our composite fillings are tooth colored, so it naturally blends with your smile. Plus, it's much more durable, lasting for many years.

Bingham and Howarth - Sports Mouthguards


America's preferred metal-free teeth-straightening solution!

Let us introduce a quick and efficient alternative to traditional, metal braces: Invisalign®!

The practically invisible plastic orthodontic aligners are customized to fit your smile and gradually straighten and align your teeth. At Bingham & Howarth’s dental office in Tulsa, Invisalign® usually costs the same as traditional braces, whereas the treatment takes only 6-12 months—half the time of regular braces!

Want to learn more about Invisalign®? Download our FREE infographic: The Ultimate Patient's Guide to Invisalign®.


Root Canal Therapy

Relieve tooth pain and save your natural teeth from extractions.

When the nerve inside a tooth (the pulp) is extremely infected and abscessed from tooth decay or injury, a root canal is needed to save it. If not treated in time, the tooth dies and an extraction becomes your only alternative.

We will make sure to complete your root canal therapy with little to no discomfort!

Bingham and Howarth Root Canal Therapy

Sedation Dentistry

Conquer your appointments and time constraints!

Whatever your deterrent or restraint may be, we offer you a solution to that barrier.

We offer our patients different levels of stress and anxiety relief to help ease you through your dental treatment. Nitrous oxide or “laughing gas” is a simple form of anxiety reduction available for both children and adults. We can also administer anxiety pills, which are typically taken about an hour before your procedure.

Have you wondered how sedation dentistry feels?

Download our free infographic to learn:

• What real people say it feels like
• The difference between the sedation types
• How sedation works


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