SIMPLANT®: Guided Implant Surgery

Dental Implants in Tulsa - Virtual dentistry with real results!

The SIMPLANT® system allows your implant surgery to be completed "virtually" on a computer before performing any treatment.

Dental Implants Tulsa - Showing how the Simplant system works for placing implants

How It Works:

It's actually very simple!

  • A 3D re-creation of your anatomy is made on a computer.

  • A virtual tooth is created and positioned.

  • An exact virtual replica of the implant is then positioned in its ideal location.

  • A precision surgical guide is then made based on this model.

The surgical guide, made of acrylic, fits in the mouth like a mouthguard. It has a pre-positioned hole in the exact angle and location the implant will be placed for perfect placement by our dentist.

98% is the success rate on dental implants for Tulsa patients.

Is the success rate of dental implants. Imagine what your smile could look like with SIMPLANT!


Need-to-Know SIMPLANT Facts

Quick Turn-around
Quick Turn-around

SIMPLANT Guide production can be as fast as 48 hours. You can enjoy your smile faster!

Comprehensive Planning
Comprehensive Planning

The cutting-edge 3D technology allows for comprehensive treatment planning and increases placement predictability.


Implants are a permanent solution to missing teeth. They do not decay, are durable, and look great.


Why Dentists Love SIMPLANT:

Who doesn't love a job done right the first time?

Simple Planning

Dentists can create a 3D implant plan that considers both surgical and prosthetic aspects.

Easy Communication

The clear planning process allows the dentist to communicate the best option to the patient.

Pinpoint Accuracy

SIMPLANT's modern 3D technology allows for precise and accurate treatment - every time.

dental implants tulsa

Patients Love Tulsa Dental Implants Because…

dental implants tulsa

Shorter Treatment Time

... they reduce time in the chair and present no unpleasant surprises during or after surgery.

Minimally Invasive

… patients report feeling hardly anything after surgery, and instead had a reduction in swelling and healing time.

Predictable Results

.… the 3D computer imaging lets you see the results at the beginning of the process, which ensures a safe and predictable implant surgery.

Dr. Howarth uses Simplant to accurately and easily place dental implants for Tulsa patients.

‘‘I'm excited to use SIMPLANT to assist me with your implant surgery. It allows for safer and more predictable results, leaving you smiling.‘‘

Dr. Kevin Howarth, Dental Implants Dentist in Tulsa


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