Good oral health can prevent breast cancer. October calendar with a 'get checked' reminder for breast cancer awareness month

How Good Oral Health May Prevent Breast Cancer

  Do you notice an increase in pink every October? From politicians to football players to community members, the color seems to pop up everywhere! Since 1985, when National Breast Cancer Awareness Month was founded, October has been designated as a time to increase awareness of this deadly disease. Pink ribbons – and pink in general – point […]

Out to lunch graphic

Guthrie Green Food Truck Wednesday

This past Wednesday, Dr. Bingham and Dr. Howarth surprised their staff for a lunch outing. During morning huddle it was announced that lunch and transportation would be provided. All they asked of their staff was to be ready by noon with an appetite!! With thirteen girls, you can imagine the excitement and curiosity. At noon, […]

Recommendations for Restaurants in Tulsa

Your Tulsa Dentist’s Local Guide To Good Eats

The upcoming families of our community are to be commended. They tirelessly build their career, family, and personal growth while sacrificing many things to keep their spouses, children, and industry happy. We know it takes a lot of work, so our dentists in Tulsa are here to help lighten the load. On our community page, […]

Bingham & Howarth, Tulsa Dentists

We LOVE our Tulsa Community!

Dr. Kevin Howarth and Dr. Seth Bingham both grew up in the Tulsa Community. There is a reason they chose to build their practice here: They LOVE Tulsa! As much as they love being dentists, they also love spending time with their friends and family at some of the great spots around town. We were […]

October: 31 Days Dedicated to your Physical Well-Being

October is National Hygiene Month: A time to focus on maintenance, nutrition and re-balancing of the complex systems that make up our living organisms. Thanks to the hyped awareness of our need to “look at the big picture,” physicians everywhere are making efforts to bring comprehensive care to as many people as possible. That’s where […]

Continuing Education Trip to Spear

Part of being a superb dentist in Tulsa is constantly learning, both in the practice and at continuing education events with other dental professionals. We know as dentists that there is ALWAYS something new to learn in our field, whether it’s technology, techniques, or otherwise. That’s why we took time out of our weekend to learn from […]